Blog results based on plugins

  • 27.09.2015
  • 05:23:58

    Ticket System

    Ticket System This plugin will allow you or your users to open tickets.  Plugin Settings : User Mode [ allow only users to open a ticket ] User / Guest mode [ allow both, users or visitors to open a ticket] Admin options : Manage department Manage priorities Manage products Manage Staff Open tickets Add ticket reply &nbs...
  • 27.09.2015
  • 04:44:19

    Users Management

    Users Management This plugin allow your visitors to sign-up and access special pages allowed only if they have an account.   Plugin settings : Custom details + javascript code on : Sign-up / Recover / Login pages Enable / Disable Sign-up account Automatically approve new users, or! wait for the admin   Users features : Sign-u...
  • 27.09.2015
  • 04:18:06


    Blog With this plugin you are able to create, and manage your own blog. Features : Add categories Add tags Allow comments Add posts    
  • 27.09.2015
  • 04:13:38


    Widgets Management [ html code allowed ] With this plugin you are able to create, update or delete custom widgets. + The system will allow you to add custom code to your widgets.
  • 27.09.2015
  • 04:11:20


    Slider With this plugin you are able to add / edit or remove images from your slider.
  • 27.09.2015
  • 04:07:52


    Testimonials With this plugin you are able display on your website, your clients testimonials.
  • 27.09.2015
  • 03:57:08


    Contact us This plugin will allow you to add extra details to your Contact Us page. + Will store for you all received messages.
  • 27.09.2015
  • 03:53:23


    Menu management This plugin will allow you to add / update or remove your menu items.
  • 27.09.2015
  • 03:48:57

    404 not found

    404 page not found! This plugin will create for you an automatically list with pages requested by your visitors, but not found!
  • 27.09.2015
  • 03:40:14


    F.A.Q. Management System With this plugin, you can create a fast F.A.Q. list.